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Black Sea Rotational Force Marines practice embassy reinforcement

By Cpl. Phillip R. Clark | | January 24, 2013


Marines and sailors with Easy Company from the 2013 iteration of the Black Sea Rotational Force conducted their first embassy reinforcement mission rehearsal exercise the week of January 7.

            The training consisted of dry and practice runs with the culminating event being an evaluation of their response to screaming crowds and riots.

            About 40 role players stood in a crowd screaming at the Marines in the simulated embassy as six Marine role players attacked the embassy.

 “The scenario is an embassy is being attacked and we are called in to support them,” said Cpl. Wesley Lanier, a team leader with Easy Co., BSRF-13  “Once at the embassy we help out any way we can whether it’s calming riots or talking to locals about what we can help with.”

The Marines  actions were observed  by 2nd Marine Regiment and Special Operation Training Group personnel who evaluated how the Marines  reacted to the commands of the riot squad leader.

“We’re doing really well with all the scenarios they are giving to us,” said Lanier. “We have non-violent protests where we try and calm the protestors down and violent protests where we have to use the quick reaction force to defend the embassy.”

After the Marines had calmed the crowd and defended the embassy they were talked to by their instructors and the evaluators talked about how they did a good job and how it would apply in a real world scenario.

 “The goal of embassy reinforcement is to help protect the embassy and all the personnel inside of it and the Marines are doing just that,” said Capt. Robert L. Long, the intelligence officer for 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment.  Training like this is very important so the Marines can practice repetition and work out the kinks before they deploy in case they are called upon to reinforce an embassy.

            “We’re not all doing the same job. Every scenario they keep switching us around so we get proficient with all aspects of the training,” said Lanier. “And I think we are proficient and ready for the real thing.”

The Marines and sailors of BSRF-13 are preparing to deploy as the United States’ crisis contingency force in Eastern Europe.