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Booking Your Household Goods Shipments

17 Nov 2021 | 2nd Marine Regiment

Marines in receipt of PCS orders should arrange for the shipment of household goods as early as possible but no later than 60 days prior to your detachment date. The moving industry continues to experience a significant reduction in the number of available packers, loaders and drivers, which is limiting the capacity that DoD normally receives, therefore advance planning is required. If you desire to execute a Government arranged household goods or non-temporary storage (long term storage) shipment, you must visit the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) via https://www.move.mil ¿Sign in to DPS¿ to complete the counseling module, also called "Self-Counseling". Failure to take the appropriate actions now will result in the inability of the Personal Property Office to accommodate your requested dates for household goods transportation and non-temporary storage. For Marines moving in CONUS and between CONUS and Hawaii, another option that provides you more flexibility and allows you to manage the move yourself is the Personally Procured Move (PPM) program. You decide how much of the move you want to do yourself and how much money ends up in your pocket. The DoD has recently made changes that allows for additional compensation. See your local DMO/Personal Property Office to obtain an estimated incentive.